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Paper Cup Flat Straw Slot Lids 6/8oz

Paper Cup Straw Slot Lids are suitable to be used with paper cups for use with smoothies, yogurt, milkshakes and desserts. Lids are flat with a straw slot hole to be used on the move with a paper straw while still containing the liquid to prevent spillages. These are ideal for takeaway milkshakes, soft drinks, ice drinks and any drink that may easily create a spillage.

These are a popular addition to paper cups for use in smoothie bars, delis, cafes and anywhere serving drinks on the go.

  • Use with Paper Cups
  • Give your customers a clear view of your product
  • Strong and durable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Size: 80mm
  • Use with 6oz & 8oz Paper Cups
  • Straw Slot for Paper Straw

*Sale is for Lids only! Paper Cups, Straws and any other accessories are not included but are available to purchase separately.

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Standard Lead Time * is 12 to 14 working days subject to capacity

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Our 80mm Paper Cup Flat Straw Slot Lids are available to order right now for use with our 6oz & 8oz Paper Cups. Check out our Paper Cups cups HERE!

All of our cups can be customised and printed with whatever your imagination can provide and our in-house designer is on hand every step of the way, helping to bring your ideas to life!

However, if you would prefer to choose an ‘off the shelf’ design ready to order now, with no origination cost and quantities from 100 units, then visit our sister company – Paper Cup Company.

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